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Welcome to Appliance Repair Ocala! Our company has been in the Ocala area, servicing the community, for years. Our number one priority is to make sure that you, the customer, is taken care of and are satisfied with the quality of our work. Whenever you use an appliance every day, you don't realize how important they are. We often take for granted the luxury of an appliance, until it breaks down.

Whenever this happens, don't wait to call an appliance technician. This may lead to more problems. When you notice a problem arise, call an appliance professional as soon as possible, so you can minimize the severity of the damage. If the appliance has stopped working completely, it is often a minor issue. Don't panic and throw it out, call an appliance repair Ocala, FL  today! We will assess the damage and fix your problem on the spot!

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Services We Offer:

Residential Services

All residential appliances are covered with us.

Refrigerator Repair

Fridge not getting cold? Don't worry, we can fix that.

Dryer Repair

Are your clothes not getting dry enough? Let our team fix your dryer problems today.

Commercial Services

Most commercial appliance repairs are covered with us.

Freezer Repair

Freezers are made to keep things ice-cold, if your freezer is too hot, we can fix that!

Washing Machine Repair

Having a washing machine is amazing, but not when it's broken. Don't worry, we can fix that too!

Appliance Installation

If you are in need of a professional to install your appliances, we have you covered!

Dishwasher Repair

We all want to make doing the dishes easy, so if your dishwasher is broken, give us a call.

Oven and Range Repair

If your oven or range top is not getting hot, call our team of appliance techs today.

Residential Appliance Service:

When you are looking for an appliance service in Ocala that will be entering into your residence, home, or place of living, finding someone you can trust is very important. Here, at Appliance Repair Ocala Florida, our team holds very high standards when it comes to our customer service, safety, and quality of work. When we have finished our work we will clean up, and it will look like we were never there.

Often times we can take many of our appliances for granted, for example, your washing machine. Imagine not having your washing machine for one day. Clothes would be piled sky-high waiting to be washed. The smell might not be great, and the clutter would be out of control.  With our washing machine repair Ocala, FL service, we will have it up and running in no time. Also, think of what it would be like without a stove or oven. You would have nothing to prepare your dinner for your family with and there would be a lot of upset people.

Our team offers many residential services some of the more common services we offer are: dishwasher repair, washing machine repair, dryer repair, refrigerator repair, oven and stove repair, and dryer vent cleaning.

So make sure to keep all of your appliances working their best in every season, by fixing the issue before it escalates. Get in touch with our team, so we can take care of the necessary repairs that are needed. Call our team today.

Refrigerator Repair:

refrigerator repair in ocala flWhen you buy a refrigerator you depend on it to keep your ingredients and groceries fresh. If you can’t rely on your refrigerator to store your ingredients properly, there is no reason to use it. Food not stored at the right temperature, which is between 39 °F and 41 °F, can lead to sickness from bacteria growth and improper temperatures. This can cause serious harm to you and your family. Fortunately our team of refrigerator technicians can repair your refrigerator service needs.

We have years of experience repairing refrigerators and diagnosing and fixing the problem the same day as we arrived. If you notice a problem with your fridge such as, it’s not cold enough, it’s making a weird noise, the seal is leaking air, or it has stopped working, call our professional appliance repair team today.

Some issues may be minor issues that can be prevented. There are some things that you can do to make sure that your fridge stays operational. Make sure to vacuum under your refrigerator vacuum behind it, vacuum the coils, and the fan. These minor preventative maintenance techniques can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Call our team today for your peace of mind.

washing machine service

Washing Machine Repair:

Being able to wash your clothes in the washing machine is a great luxury that we can often time take for granted. We use it almost every day in our life, and it is a great convenient appliance to own, that is until it breaks down.

If this happens to you, it will leave you with loads and loads of laundry that will pile up and get out of control. Don’t let this nightmare happen to you! If and when you notice a problem with your washer, be sure to call a professional appliance technician as soon as possible. Such as ourselves here, at Ocala Appliance Repair.

We will assess the problem and damage, and we will limit the risk of further damage to the washer. There are a few reasons why your washer could not be working such as a drain hose, water line, it won’t spin, it won’t drain, a bad seal on the door, or even a bad sensor. Instead of trying to figure it out yourself call a professional today.

In order for our team to install the new equipment in a timely fashion we ask that you prepare for the installation. Please be sure to have the new appliances in an area that is easily accessible. This would include removing any doors to be able to get the product inside the home, making sure that the old appliances are completely empty and ready to be removed, and also verify that you know where the electrical, gas, and water connections are located in your home before the delivery. this will make the installment go much faster and very smooth.

When to Call an Appliance Technician:

Most of the time a problem can be diagnosed and properly fixed on the same day. More than often, most repairs are minor fixes that won’t involve a lot of time. So if your washing machine will not start or spin, agitate your clothes, leaking water on the floor, does not drain properly, stops or starts too soon, or is not rinsing your close enough, call our washing machine repair Ocala, FL team, and we will take care of the problem for you. Our team is very professional and very knowledgeable when it comes to laundry room appliance repairs. We also service and maintain dryers both electric and gas as well.

dryer installation ocala fl

Appliance Installation:

Whenever you purchase a brand-new appliance for your home do you want to be installed as soon as possible. You also want it to be installed the proper way. Hiring a professional appliance installation service will save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress. Our a team of professional appliance installers are the best in the business. We will come to your property and remove the old appliance and install the new appliance in its place. We will make sure that your appliance is level, connected to the proper electricity, connect all the hoses if necessary, and remove your old appliances.

appliance prep

What You Can Do to Prepare for Delivery:

In order for our team to install the new equipment in a timely fashion we ask that you prepare for the installation. Please be sure to have the new appliances in an area that is easily accessible. This would include removing any doors to be able to get the product inside the home, making sure that the old appliances are completely empty and ready to be removed, and also verify that you know where the electrical, gas, and water connections are located in your home before the delivery. This will make the installment go much faster and very smooth.

Dryer Repair Service:

Dryers are a common convenience appliance that we use in our everyday life. It allows us more time to be spent elsewhere in our house. When they stop working they can become an inconvenience. Even if the dryer is not fully broken, it will become very inefficient and costly to continue to run.

This will cause a high utility bill, hotter dryer air, longer drying cycles, and other problems. Dryer Repair Ocala FL is prepared and ready to fix any dryer problems you may have. A few of the common problems that we fix are: the dryer is not running, the dryer won’t get hot enough, the dryer gets too hot, or the drum will not spin. If you notice any of these problems, call our professional technicians as soon as possible.

Dryer Maintenance:

Dryers use a tumbling system that tumbles in a drum called the cylinder. The air that is produced is humid air that needs to be vented through the venting pipe. This allows for hot dry air to circulate within the dryer to make your clothes dry faster. If this exhaust pipe is clogged or the filter is clogged it will not allow proper airflow to dry your clothes.

How can you fix this? Our company offers dryer vent cleaning Ocala fl services. This is a minor maintenance that can help your dryer become more efficient and ensure your safety.

ocala fl dishwasher service

Dishwasher Repair Ocala Florida:

Having a dishwasher in your house is a common luxury that we can take for granted. It’s nice to be able to sit back and relax while your Dishwasher does all the work. It is a convenient appliance that most people have in their kitchen but when it breaks down it causes a problem.

If you notice your dishwasher acting strange or making funny noises call an appliance technician. Our dishwasher repair services can be trusted to handle the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible.

When you were trying to figure out if you have a problem with your washer there are a few things to look out for:

One: If you remove your glassware, and you notice the glasses are still cloudy this could be a potential issue. Most commonly it is user error, but sometimes the water may be too hard and will require a water softener to be installed.

Two: The wash cycle last too long. If the dishwasher is running too long, it may be having a problem completing the cycle. This can be due to a bad thermostat or a malfunctioning timer.

Three: the water will not drain. At the end of the wash cycle if you noticed that the water will not drain you may have a clogged line, a bad drain solenoid, or pump assembly. With this, you should call and professional appliance repair company.

These are just three of the many problems that could arise with your dishwasher. Once again, if you notice anything off about your appliance call our team, and we will send a technician out to assess and address the problem as soon as possible.

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