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Our team here at, Appliance Repair Ocala Florida has the best washing machine repair in Ocala and surrounding areas by far! Our team is committed to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers are our number one priority along with our customers satisfaction with the quality of work, the speed of work, and the reliability of our work.

Having a washing machine in your home is a great convenience that we can often times take for granted. It is a common luxury that is often forgotten about when it comes to maintenance. When it breaks down, and you are left without a washer, you will be left with loads of laundry to wash by hand or to pile up.

When you notice a problem with your machine, make sure that you schedule a service technician immediately, so you will limit the possibility of water damage and further problems.

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If your washing machine won’t spin, won’t turn on, won’t drain properly, or real not rents you close properly, call our team today. We will provide you with emergency services and regular maintenance two to address the issue and take care of the issue. What’s the repairs done our team is proud to offer preventative maintenance for your convenience. We recommend this for all laundry room appliances. Fill out the contact form and schedule your appointment today!

Washers We Service:

There are multiple types of washers on the market today. Our company has adapted involved with the changes over the years. We repair top loading washing machines, front loading washing machines, combination washer and dryer units, and also compact washing machines, most commonly found in Small apartments or motor homes. If you’re washing machine is not working in your RV or motor home we also service these washers.

washing machine repair ocala

A Few Common Washing Machine Problems:

The washer won’t turn on: Most of the time, this issue was caused by a tripped or off-balance switch from an in balance load that can easily be resolved by balancing in readjusting the clothes in the washer. If this does not work you may have a problem with the outlet, timer, or motherboard.

Clothes are still soaking wet: When your clothes are still soaked at the end of a cycle, it is an indicator that the washer is not spinning a fast enough RPM. This could be due to a defective switch, a burned out solenoid, damaged wires, a broken or bad drive belt, or a bad timer.

Too much vibration: If your washing machine is shaking violently or vibrating too much, it is probably not leveled. This can be due to worn out damper pads or levelers. Make sure that the washer is on level ground. If it is not try shimming the washer with wood shims to level the machine.

Leaking washer: The seal on your washer door is a very common problem for leaks. Other issues that may cause a leak or loose hoses, a clogged drain pipe, a leaking pump, an injection houses. These could all be the reason for a leaking problem.

Common Brands We Service:

LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, GE, And more!

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If you are using your laundry room appliances and noticed a problem with your machine, you need to take action facts by scheduling a repair technician. The sooner you call and set up an appointment the sooner the problem will be identified and result preventing further damages.

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